Making Predictions

Predictions can be changed up until the scheduled kick-off time of the match in question. Once the match in question begins, you will not be able to edit your prediction.

How to score points


Some matches have the joker feature available. For each game week you are allowed one joker prediction.

Public Leaderboards

Public leaderboards will show your overall ranking for the current season of a competition. You can enable private mode within the app which will hide you from the public leaderboards.

Private Leaderboards

You can join or create private leaderboards to compete with your friends. Leaderboards can last for the duration of a season or for a specified time.

Live updates

There will be live updates of match scores and participants points. Points will be finalised when the match has finished.


You can win a trophy for coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall for each season of a competition.


You can win a medal for coming 1st, 2nd or 3rd overall for each matchday of a competition.